Look What I Made #1: Hommage a Fifi Lapin

I found this impermeable Fifi Lapin fabric at the market (exactly the same to the one she created for Lesportsac) and I just had to buy it. If you don't know who Fifi is, check out her blog and you'll fall in love with this little bunny too.  On the website you can see the official Lesportsac Fifi bags. I love the fabric but the bags are pretty ugly if you ask me.

Anyway, I made a little key-chain for myself with the bunny fabric last week. A friend of mine saw it and she asked me to make her one too, to give to a colleague who is leaving the country as a farewell gift.

Here are pictures of the key-chain I made for my friend. I stuffed it with cotton balls, and made a cute little blue felt envelope to put it in. I blanket stitched the bunnies with this beautiful iridescent pink embroidery thread I got from the Pinn Shop in Central World.

Piracy is a bad thing kids, don't try it at home. Please don't sue me Fifi.

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